Dearest Lord Jesus

Oh My God I come to You with a burdened heart.
I bring my burdens to the foot of the cross.
Lord teach me how to lay them down and not pick them up again.
Fear consumes me right now Lord and I cry out to You.
What is to come of my life?
Deliverance is far from me and peace has distanced itself from me.  
You said that You are a very present Help in time of trouble. 
I am in trouble Lord and I am afraid as never before at this trouble
that surrounds me; the trouble that plagues me;
the trouble that has become my shadow even in the light of the day.
Show me Your green pastures Lord
and though I know not how to lie in them,
I pray for You to make me lie down
when I cannot even lie myself down.
Lord manifest Your rod and staff to me right now
so that I might be comforted.
The waters in my soul are deep and troubled.
Still these waters Lord and lead me beside them;
allow me the peace of seeing Your reflection in it's stillness.
Allow these waters to flood me with the calmness
of Your Spirit.  I want to trust You. I need to trust You.
Lord in my inability to trust You, show me how.
Show me how to let go of the cares of this world.
Show me how to give You my broken heart
so that it can be healed.
Show me how to allow You to bandage my wounds.
Replace my despair with hope in You. 
Oh My God how I need You right now.
I am drenched with the sweat of my fears.
I am drowning myself in my own tears.
Cover me Lord with Your Presence and come near to me.
Allow me the gift of feeling Your touch.
Grant me the privilege of bowing at Your feet.
Your feet Lord, Your sweet feet I cannot contain within me
the power I feel at Your sweet feet.
Lord I am the one weeping at Your feet right now.
I am the one anointing Your feet with my tears.
I am the one drying Your feet by my breath
as my lips are drawn to kiss Your feet.
Lord I want to stay at this place with You forever
for it is here that I feel You as never before.
It is here at Your feet that I see the trust I feel
the trust no matter if the physical part of me is afraid,
my soul is calm because You have calmed my fears
I hear You saying to my spirit, "Peace Be Still".
"I Am your Shelter in the Storm."
"I Am your Hiding Place."
"I will protect you in trouble".
"I will encompass you about with song of deliverance".
"What time you are afraid- Trust in Me"
and I calmly said, "Yes, Lord Jesus".
With Intensity, Love, and Passion,

Your Child
~Author Unknown~

Song playing is "Faith To Be Strong"
performed by Andrew Peterson