When you are feeling desperate or discouraged
Try thinking about a peaceful place of tranquility
Like a garden with the scent of flower blossoms
The buzz of bees and the sweet song of birds
The squirrels leaping from limb to limb
As they play so gracefully in the trees.
The scent of grass freshly mowed
How it glistens from the morning dew
Run your toes through the grass
Brings a feeling you just can't pass
Under the umbrella of trees
Hear the leaves rustling
As they blow in the gentle breeze.
When you have no one to turn to
There is no one to hear you speak
Reach deep inside yourself
Where your angel lives
Down deep within your heart.
Try talking to the flowers
You may be surprised when you hear
A soft sweet voice, whispering in your ear
"Everything is going to be alright,
There is hope, until we meet again."
Even though you are far apart
A smile will then appear
Bringing love into your heart
You'll be grinning from ear to ear.
You may feel like your alone
But you never really are
God will send your angel
All you have to do is call
So let the beauty of these moments
Fill your soul and heart  with peace
May your angels watch over you
Keeping you safe and free of fear
Then take it with you and share it
With everyone you hold dear.

Written By Linda Rice
© July 11, 2004
I see your face in every flower that blooms

Words and music by John Kay
From the 1968 release "Steppenwolf"
When rain drops fall and you feel low
Ah, do you ever think it's useless
Do you feel like letting go
Do you ever sit and do you wonder
Will the world ever change
And just how long will it take
To have it all rearranged
Tell me why these things
are still the same
Tell me why no one
can seem to learn from mistakes
Take my hand if you don't know where your goin'
I'll understand, I've lost the way myself
Oh, don't take that old road it leads to nowhere
We must return before the clock strikes twelve
It's so easy to do nothin'
When you're busy night and day
Take a step in one direction
And take a step the other way
So don't stop tryin' when you stumble
Don't give up should you fall
Keep on searchin' for the passway
That will lead you through the wall
Don't look back or you'll be left behind
Don't look back or you'll never find peace of mind
© MCA Music (BMI)
Our Angels Within Us