"It is in the expectations of happiness that much of happiness itself is found.
And it takes courage to expect happiness."
~ Earl Nightingale ~
Your Destiny

There comes a time in everyone's life,
when you can no longer blame
the circumstances you were born into,
for the reason you let life just happen.
Caught up in other people's expectations,
and putting all your own needs aside,
at last catches up with you.
When 'duty' is no longer so important,
and personal happiness and fulfillment
finally doesn't seem so selfish.
When enough sacrifices have been made,
and you've paid all your dues.
You look into the mirror and finally
realize your own mortality,
and take a long hard look
at exactly what it is
you will forever be remembered for.
This is the time you face all the ghosts
and demons from your past,
and try to find peace within yourself.
You realize that life has been waiting
for you to reach out and grab it!
You are no longer content
to simply let the years go by.
It is time to make each day count,
time to throw caution to the wind,
find your purpose for being here,
the differences you and only you
were sent here to make
and finally meet destiny...
Your Destiny!

Author Unknown
You will find that life responds to your outlook.
What you expect to happen, happens
Because you eneregize your goal
and give it momentum,
And you make it happen.

Your expectation will open
or close the doors to your future.
Expect great things, work with honor for them,
And they will surely come to you.

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great,
And no tonic so powerful
as the expectation of a goal achieved.
You can't succeed beyond your wildest expectations
Unless you begin with some wild expectations.
Webset by Linda