Dear Heavenly Father,
I Come To You
With The Love You
Place Inside My Heart
I Ask In Your Name
To Shine Your Light So Bright
Helping Others To Understand
The Miracle Of Prayer....
Where There Seems No Hope
Only You Shall Smooth The Soul
This We Know Isn't Always Easy
When The Heart Is Shattered With Pain
Yet When In Your Care
Amazing Things Will Happen
At The Calling Of Your Name...
Miracles Reside Within You
Never Shall We Forget
The Blessing You Bring Upon Us
And Every Prayer We Say
Brings Us Closer To You Our Lord...
I Pray Others Come To Understand
That With You & Only You
The Sun Will Again Once Shine
Even In The Darkest Of Hours...
There's A Man That Needs Your Guidance
He Seems To Have Lost His Way
A Child Who Is Sick
In Need Of Your Tender Care
Someone Today Is Feeling Lonely
Thinking No One Is On Their Side
Let Them Know You're There Lord
As I Know You Are For Me...
You Have The Hardest Task
Comforting Those In Need
Who Ever Shall Come Your Way
Putting Their Faith In Thee
Will Find The Greatest Love Of All
As You Give Uncondionally
Your Heart & Soul...
Miracles Happen Each & Everyday
With You Walking By Our Side
If Those That Are Lost & Confused
Shall Find Their Way To You
They To Will Find The Everlasting Peace
As I Have In You!

Every time you help a stranger
With an extra prayer or two
You are building extra blessings
That will always come back to you
GOD knows the best time to answer
our prayers and maybe we are not
spiritually mature at that time.
But I know God always answers prayers,
And sometimes He does it through
People just like You.
When you say your prayers
Remember to thank God for Jesus!
Music playing is "Down to the River to Pray"
Performed by Alison Krauss
The little plans I tried to carry,
have failed Dear God.
But, I will not sorrow
I will pause a little while
and try again tomorrow.
Fill us with the light.
Give us strength to understand
and the eyes to see.
Teach us to walk this earth
as relatives to all that live here.