Dear Lord,

I don't mean to complain, but I'm so tired,
tired of having to be the strong one,
tired of never getting everything done that needs doing.
The calendar says my body is a few decades old.
I feel it.

But on the inside I'm still a little girl,
a little girl in need of her Fathers comfort and strength,
Help me to draw upon your strength,
to feel your strong arms holding me up.
"My little girl, I know how tired you are.
I see that your reservoir of strength is temporarily low.
Fortunately for you, mine never is.
My strength is perfect.  When your strength is gone."        

Come to me and rest awhile.
Breathe deeply of my energizing flow of life.
As you believe, so shall your strength be.
The government and care for your life
are not for your shoulders, but for mine.
Let my peace which transcends all understanding
guard your heart and mind and give you rest.
The world has tried to squeeze you into it's mold.
The voice of the world says,
'Accomplish more, work faster, rise up early,
stay up late, perform, get ahead'
All of this is vain.
Set goals and work from them,
but work from a position of rest, not from anxiety.

Your life must have balance, relaxation, recreation,
Listen not to the world. Heed your own inner voice.
Be true to the spirit I've put within you.
The world offers imitations of success.
It's way is the path of struggle, pressure.
I offer you abundant life, a life of rest, joy, peace.
You will come through your time of weariness,
not only strengthened but encouraged,
Knowing that I have strengthened you
with power through my Spirit.

You will rejoice in Me.
You will know it was I who made you strong,
who blessed you with might.
Never doubt it, child of my heart:
Your are indeed strong in Me."

Author Unknown
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