Suffer Little Children
Suffer Little Children
Suffer Little Children

Your children are your greatest treasure
And may be your least protected
They are the most demanding of God's creatures
And sometimes the least appreciative.
They are an unending source of joy and pain
Often in equal measure
They may drive you to distraction
But come what may
They are the reason you keep battling
Through day after day
Because when your journey here is over
They are the only real legacy
You will leave behind
When your child is small you feel needed
You protect and nuture the child
as you would a young safling
And as the safling begins to blossom and grow
much as you admire the sprouting of its branches
You know you must prune them to give
direction and strength in the growing
So true is the child
When like the tree your child comes of age
Rejoice and let pride fill your cup
Have no regrets over the passing of time
And fear not that the needing is over
As the years roll by
There will be times when he 
Will need your wisdom
From the strength and support
you once gave so freely
At times you will need from him
But an undying love for one another
Is the need that will never fade away.
Dear God of many Names,
Protect your children tonight
wherever they are sleeping
And let them know the world
does not have to be like this
Place a kiss upon their foreheads
And remind them oh so gently
That there are reasons to be hopeful
And reasons for them
to dream beautiful dreams.


Ron Atchison
Roma Downey, Irish-born actress, gained wide popularity
as Mona, the angel on CBS's highly-rated TV series
Touched By An Angel.
In 1999, Downey lent her voice and angelic image to
Healing Angel, an album of ancient Celtic texts, backed by producer, flutist and pianist, Phil Coulter's similarly-inspired playing.  "Suffer Little Children" is on this album. 
"Suffer Little Children"
Performed by Roma Downey and Phil Coulter