To enjoy more of Dreamwalker~Lakota poetry
As a great admirer of the Native American Indians,
I have chosen to create this page in their honor.

These people need no separate word for religion; all life is lived
in sacred relationship to the land. With healing ceremonies to
help bring them back to harmony with each other,
they sing of a beauty and harmony
which is totally apparent to all visitors.
They  believe they are sustained as a nation because of their enduring
faith in the Great Spirit. And because of their strong spirituality,
these people believe they will continue to survive
as an Indian nation forever.

The Native American Indians needs the four values:
Values of Life, Values of Work,
Values of Social/Human Relations,
and Values of Respect/Reverence in order to grow.
The Walk

How easy it is to lose the way
to find reasons not to care
to put aside the truths our Elders taught
to shut out the Heart

How often do we say
I should have would have could have
yet leave the act undone
like splintered glass along the path

So easy to forget to neglect
that which we know is so
to put aside the lessons
and refuse for now to grow

But moments are all counted
their time here spent
and we are left with memories
and sweet and soft regret

My Grandmother taught me
that not to act when I knew I should
was worse than acting wrong
and wove her words in quiet song

Everything is a step
every act a commitment
life demands our Spirit sing
and counts each note

What would it take
to walk the Medicine Way
each and every day
one more time one more day

Crys The Tears/Dreamwalker~Lakota
©copyright 2000
Accepting anyone is part of our life,
Accepting a person who is different that you is
what will make you a special person in your own right.
Acceptance is all that is what we ask..
Remember all we ask is that you treat us
as you would treat other's.
A smile,helping hand, just you being you and treating other's as you would like to be treated is all..
Accepting someone unconditionally is,
Being there no matter the problem,
Saying "I am here if you need me",
Listening without judging,
Being honest enough to let a person know when
there you have a problem with them.
Accepting someone Who is different,
Weather it be physical,
Whether it be in the way they look,
Whether it be the color of their skin,
Accepting one person because they have a
handicap or a special need is what will
make us all better people.
~Author Unknown~
Let me learn the lessons
You have hidden in every leaf and rock
I seek strength,
Not to be greater than my brother,
But to fight my greatest enemy - myself.

Make me always ready
To come to you with clean hands
And straight eyes,
So when life fades,
As the fading sunset,
My spirit my come to you
Without shame.
~Author Unknown~
Crys The Tears/Dreamwalker~Lakota
© copyright 2000
To enjoy more of Dreamwalker~Lakota poetry
An Indian Prayer
Oh Great Spirit
Whose voice I hear in the winds
And whose breath gives life
To all the world, hear me!
I am small and weak,
I need your strength and wisdom.

Let me walk in beauty,
And make my eyes ever behold
The red and purple sunset,
Make my hands Respect the things you have made,
And my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise,
So that I may understand
The things you have taught my people
For with our roots and non-acceptance of what was
There is no tomorrow, no promise
Just unmet Dreams of what once was
So I hold the voices,
The Heart of those who sacrificed everything
so a People could live
freely and with Dignity of purpose
Something I think we all know and again forget
The essence of what they stood for
What they died for
So alone with Prayers and with Hope
Hope that we would Honor their lives
By listening to the silence which surrounds us all
The silence which speaks to us all
Our Hearts alive and strong
May we each and every one
And speak the words gifted to us.