Deep Within the Thorns

I planted a rose bush just for you last fall,
In hopes the blooms would stand tall,
And as spring began to sing its song,
I just felt it wouldn't be long,
Before red velvet soon would shine,
And hummingbirds would come to dine.

I searched among leaves of green,
In hope blossoms would be seen,
But nothing of beauty did I find,
Not a rose bud of any kind,
And now all that ever grew,
Bore thorns that held the dew.

Summer came and you grew so weak,
And time came I no longer heard you speak,
Heaven had now called your name,
With my life never to be the same,
Thinking of the roses I planted for you,
And the empty stems that it grew.

My tears now fall upon the green leaves,
With a heart that heavily grieves,
But I thought of all you said about love,
As if to feel your hand touch me from above,
Hearing you say, with all the love you gain,
Often there are thorns to bring a heart pain.
And as my eyes began to clear of tears,
I cherished memories of past years,
And there new life began to show,
As one tiny rose the bush did grow,
But to reach the stem it softly adorns,
I had to reach deep within the thorns.

Written by Paul D. McCutcheon
Copyright © 05/08/05

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"Roses Will Bloom Again"
Performed by Sheri Easter