More Friends
This is my dear friend Kim AKA Seagull. She is a Godsend to me. I don't even remember when we met. But she continually blesses and inspires me each and every day. This beautiful lady has a prayer group that helps so many people who are need of prayer. Kim is also very gifted in writing poetry. You may have seen some of her pieces as I have shared many with you. I have chosen some of my favorites to show you her blessed gift. God bless you my dear friend and Our Heavenly Father for bringing you into my life.
More Friends
A Time

Did you know that one day there shall come a time?
A time when you shall have to face the Father?
To me that shall be a wonderful find--
But how do you feel?
Do you think you are ready to meet Him?
Do you think then you will be ready to kneel?
Are you sure it is not too late?
Are you sure you can face Him--
Are you ready to go to the Heavens gate?
You know that He knows all?
He shall speak it to all that are there--
Are you ready to take the fall?
Why not give your life to Him today?
Don't you think it would be better?
With you He would always stay--
Well the choice is truly yours you see--
For I can not force you--
But He is truly the only one that holds the key--
I just thought I would help you out--
Just something for you to ponder--
Just trying to help you see what He is about--
Take my hand and I shall lead you--
And together we shall be with Him--

You shall then be one of the chosen few--
A time....

Kimberly Dawn Combs
7/30/02 (c)
The Stairway Goes On

Many times I have thought and wondered--
If I would ever make it to the stairway--
My journey has seemed long--
Not so sure I can find my way--
I have looked unto the heavens--
I have seeked the One and Only--
But I do not hear His answer--
I am here all alone and I am so lonely--
Is there really such a thing?--
Is this just words to a song?--
Tell me what I must do--
Tell me where I have gone wrong--
As the road goes on and on--
I know not which way to turn--
I feel so lost out here--
The sun beating on me does so burn--
I can vision my climb--
I can see the stairs up ahead--
I see my Lord holding out His hand--
I know that because of Him I am lead--
So onward I must go--
Doing thy Lords will--
And knowing in the end--
That with Him I shall totally be fulfilled--
The stairway goes on and on....

Kimberly Dawn Combs
9/06/02 (c)
Today We Lost Seven

As the sadness come to us once again--
We sit and we wonder why--
We can not understand all of this--
So we sit here and we cry--
Seven people gave their life today--
What could we of done--
How could we of stopped this--
Now the sadness once again does come--
There are many questions that need answers--
There are many things that all wish to understand--
Who do we ask?
Was this someones plan?
Why did they have to go?
Did they leave us in vain?
Will the sadness every stop?
The tears just fall like the rain--
Many are so heart broken--
Many are so very sad--
But we pray they are with our Lord--
And for them we must be glad--
We ask thy Father to help us--
We ask for Him to take the pain--
For this sadness we can not stand--
For we feel as if we have nothing more to gain--
So as we look unto thy Lord--
We know that they are free--
We know that He shall comfort us--
And the pain shall one day flee--
Today we lost seven....

Kimberly Dawn Combs
2/3/03 (c)
I Asked

As I sit here and I think--
I see so much sadness--
I see so much pain--
I see very little gladness--
As I sit here and I wonder--
Why are things the way they are--
Why are people so cruel--
Why can I not see the shining star--
I have asked myself so many times--
What is it that I can do--
How can I make things better--
Who will help me see it through--
I have talked to my Lord--
He reminds me of His book--
The words are the answer--
But it is I that must look--
I seek and search so hard--
Not thinking I understand--
Getting very upset--
Not sure of the real plan--
I look unto my Lord--
I ask Him to help me see--
I ask Him to show me the way--
To Him I do plea--
He says the words are right there--
He shall help me to see--
For it was written long ago--
So it shall truly be--
Then I understand--
Then I see the light--
Folks must change their ways--
Or they shall truly lose the fight--
For He is the One and Only--
For He is the Only Way--
If they do not wish to follow--
This earth they shall always stay--
I asked...

Kimberly Dawn Combs
2/4/03 (c)
He is the Light

As I spoke unto thy Lord--
I asked Him what I was to do--
He said to read His words--
And He would see me through--
He said that I am to follow Him--
To do as He has done--
By doing these things--
In the end I will have won--
So I read of His word--
I fill my spirit and my soul--
For I wish to be with Him one day--
That is truly my main goal--
I try to walk the talk--
I try to behave in a proper manner--
Knowing that He is with me--
Knowing He is caring my banner--
He is the light of all lights--
Shine so brightly unto me--
For one day I shall be with Him--
For one day I shall be totally free--
He is my light....

Kimberly Dawn Combs-Baldwin
6/8/03 (c)

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