A Voice Of Hope

From the depths  of grief,
I cried  "Dear  Lord  I am hurting so."
I  could almost hear His  voice
Saying,  "Yes, my child,  I know."

"But this is not the end",  he said
There will be another day
When Heaven's portals open wide
And this world has passed away."

"I know you'll miss your  loved  one,
And it's hard to understand
But  I know well the future,
And I will hold your  hand."

I felt such peace and comfort,
Yet  tears were flowing  still
I prayed Him ever close to me
For  His  guidance, and His  will

I can not say I will not cry
But hope  is mine through Him
He knows the future  I can't  see
For tears keep my vision  dim.

But  faith in Him is comfort
And  His  promises are true
The  future I leave in His hands.
It is God's voice I listen to.

Copyright ©  Marie Alexander - July 2003
Grateful  Thoughts
I sit beneath a shady tree
And contemplate the day
What I did--what I did not
What mattered either way.

I smile, at blooming flowers
Still from the heat survive
And say a prayer of thankfulness
That I am still alive

At my age I still have choice.
My mind is still my own
God's blessings greet me everywhere
And His love through others shown.

Oh--I may have missed a thing or two
On life's journey to this day
But what I missed, some others got
"And mine is best,"  I'd  say!

Copyright © Marie Alexander June 20, 2003
Joy is a song
The heart loves to sing
Joy is the feeling
Assurance can bring

Joy is a journey
With heaven its goal
Joy is the knowledge
That  GOD'S in control

Joy is a road
We can travel each day
With HIM beside us
Joy is the way !

Copyright ©  Marie Alexander May 2003
Healing Tears

I tell myself  "I shouldn't cry"--
That you wouldn't want me to
But oh the pain that's still inside
That others do not know
The world evolves and life goes on,
And I must  still take part
But longing for "What might have been"
Still haunts my aching  heart
I see a color---hair --a walk
That makes me think  of you--
And then the past comes rushing back
And I lose you again--anew
I haven't found a secret
  Or full healing with the years
Perhaps I need these times with you
To shed some healing tears.

Copyright ©  Marie Alexander
Marie Blanks Alexander, 68, died Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at her home. She was a Baptist,
and a member of National Audubon Society and Compassionate Friends. She was an established poet, having had several of her poems published. Marie was preceded in death by a daughter, LaTricia Marie Alexander, in 1984, and her parents, Charlie and Lessie Blanks. Survivors include two sons, Stephen M. Alexander and wife, Angela, of Abilene, and Gary Joe Alexander and wife, Cheryl, or Abilene; a daughter, Angina E. Hedges and husband, Houston, of Abilene; a brother, Charles Hollis Blanks of Abilene; and three sisters, La Donna McGee of Abilene, Charlene Larramore of Odessa, and Idoma Abernathy of Sylacago, Alabama. She is also survived by eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Greatly loved and dearly missed by everyone
Marie Alexander is such an inspiration to me. Her poetry truly touches me.
Marie has also lost her daughter. Some very special words she shared with me
will linger in my heart forever.  "Our daughters would want us to live life to
the fullest and keep only the sweetest memories. We do have hope and
we have God's promise and we know where our daughters are." 
Marie's writings are seen all over the internet and is admired by many.
I am honored and truly blessed to have met this lovely lady and wish to
share with you some of her most beautiful pieces with you.