Thank you for dropping by today.
I truly am pleased to have you here and I hope you
will enjoy your visit.

I decided to create this site so that I could share with all of you my love for life, my personal interests and what I have come to experience as I am guided each day by God. 
I also wish for you to see all the lovely gifts, poems and inspirations that my dear friends have blessed me
with over the past 3 years. 

I created my first website in March 2001, one year after my daughter, Tina Marie, disappeared in March 2000. This was  my lifeline to the world and a voice for my Tina, to obtain
as much help as I could in the search of my precious one. 
After 3 years of dedicated praying and searching, Tina's remains were found and identified. An outcome that was so devastating to all of our family, friends and especially Tina's husband and her little boy.  Because of my faith in God,
I know that there will be a reunion one day for all of us
as Tina waits for us to join her in God's Kingdom
and what a joyous day that will be.

Please visit Tina's memorial site to
follow this heartbreaking story...