~Loving Kindness~
Kindness provides a house.
But, Love makes a home.

Kindness packs an adequate pack lunch.
But, Love puts a note of encouragement inside.

Kindness provides a television set or computer as a learning aid.
But, Love controls the remote and cares enough
to insist a child sign-off.

Kindness sends a child to bed on time.
But, Love tucks the covers around a child's neck
and provides a goodnight hug and kiss.
Kindness cooks a meal.
But, Love selects from your favorite
foods menu and lights the candles.

Kindness writes a thank-you note.
But, Love thinks to include a joke or photograph,
or bookmark (meaning I miss you), inside the envelope.

Kindness keeps a clean and tidy house.
But, Love adds a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Kindness pours a glass of milk.
But, Love occasionally adds a little chocolate sauce..
Kindness is doing what is decent, basic,
courteous, and necessary for an even smooth
and gentle flow of life.

Love is taking the extra step to make life truly
exciting creative and meaningful!

Love is what makes things special!

~Unknown Author~
The Art Of Giving...

We give of ourselves when
we give gifts of the heart:
love, kindness, joy, understanding,
sympathy, tolerance, forgiveness.
We give of ourselves when
we give gifts of the mind:
ideas, dreams, purposes, ideals,
principles , vision, beauty,
aspiration, peace, faith.
We give of ourselves when
we give the gift of words:
encouragement, inspiration, guidance.
Fill your cup with kindness....
and give it to yourself.
Help others get ahead.

You will always stand taller with
someone else on your shoulders.

You cannot do kindness too soon,
for you never know how soon
it will be too late.

Each day, rise, shine and sparkle,
and you'll make the whole world
a much brighter place.

Unknown Author