Song playing is "The Love I Found In You" performed by Jim Brickman
This page is dedicated to my dear husband John,
who is my soulmate, my friend and the one who after 33 years of marriage, believes in me
and loves me as much as I love him.
My love for you is not written on paper,
For paper can be erased.
Nor is my love for you etched in stone,
For stone can be broken.
But my love for you is inscribed in my heart
Where it shall remain forever.
Love is such a small word, but with so much emotion
It is difficult to explain it, because it's made up of so many things.
It is impossible to be measured, because it is a feeling.

Love has to be earned, money just can't buy it.
It must come naturally, because wishes won't make it happen.
Love grows slowly between two people, perfecting with time.
There is no stronger bond once that love has matured.

Love is sharing hopes and dreams, the good and the bad.
It is doing things together and growing old over time.
It's pure and delicate, giving without receiving.
Love is security when everything around you is falling apart.

I know these things about love, because this is the kind of love
John has given to me and this is the kind of love I feel for him.
This explains what love is...

Love is Us!

With all my love forever and always
Your loving wife,
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Song playing is "The Love I Found In You" performed by Jim Brickman